The industry forum provided an opportunity for those interested in heritage to learn about tech collaborations and also allows for networking opportunities. The industry forum was hosted by Microsoft Ireland and organised by the COST ARKWORK COST Action in collaboration with UCD School Of Information And Communication Studies (ICS).

An invited keynote expert talk was held by Mr. Tim Keefe, Head of Digital at the Chester Beatty Museum in Dublin, Ireland. 


Thursday 16 January 2020

10am-10:30am Registration (tea and coffee)

10:30am-11:30am Keynote

Tim Keefe, Head of Digital at Chester Beatty Museum

11:30-1pm Experiences with collaboration in different environments

This session will provide an opportunity for attendees to learn about different collaborative experiences available. It will involve a panel that will speak about their collaborative experiences and their lessons learned from the experience.

1pm-2pm Lunch

2pm-3:30pm Funding collaborative work in technology, archaeology, and heritage

This session will provide information about how to fund collaborative projects from grantors/funders as well as how different industries go about funding external collaborative work.

3:30-4pm Break (tea and coffee)

4pm-5pm Heritage collaboration opportunities with Microsoft

This session will include invited speakers from Microsoft Ireland, our host.

Friday 17 January 2020

10am-10:30am Registration (tea and coffee)

10:30am-12:00pm Providing feedback: interactive data collection about tech collaboration

This session will allow participants to engage in discussions about collaborative experiences.

12-1:30pm Brainstorming new avenues for collaboration with tech the archaeology and heritage sector

Using an open format, this session will allow attendees to brainstorm potential avenues for collaboration in the heritage sector. it will allow attendees to network with each other about potential future projects. Discussions can continue over lunch.

1pm-2pm Lunch